Smart LED Strips

With the SMART LED strips you can create a nice looking interior and exterior to your garden, house or property. This way you can adjust the colour of the strips remotely for more convenience.

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Wholesaler in smart LED Strips

With a smart LED strip, you can be as creative as possible. A smart LED strip can be set to different RGB colours and has the same functions as all the other Hoftronic Smart lighting. A smart LED strip is easy to install and set up via the Hoftronic Smart App on a smartphone or tablet. The smart LED strips can be used in almost every environment for extra atmospheric lighting.

Installation of smart LED strips

Mounting a smart LED strip is just as easy as mounting a regular LED strip. The only difference is the installation with the app on a smartphone or tablet, so the smart strip is completely to your liking and preference. This is done via a WiFi connection. The smart LED strips are easy to connect, after which you can set the colour temperatures, light colours and light intensity. It is also possible to use timers and time schedules, set scenes and situations, but also GEO fencing. A smart LED strip brings a lot of possibilities.

WiFi and Bluetooth connection

The LED strips smart can be operated via a smartphone, tablet or smart assistant. This is done via a WiFi connection. As long as the LED strips have a good WiFi range, the smart strips can be operated from any location. If there is no WiFi connection available, the smart LED strips can also be operated via Bluetooth. This can provide extra convenience, because a WiFi connection is not necessary.

Create a smart home

Not only does Hoftronic have the smart LED strips available. In our assortment, you will find all kinds of different smart home products. For example, there are smart bulbs that simply turn a normal lamp into a smart lamp, smart recessed downlights, smart wall lights, smart surface-mounted lights, smart ground lights and smart garden spikes, smart solar lamps and smart plugs.

Get advice from Hoftronic

Hoftronic is a LED lighting wholesaler with a wide range of smart lighting products, including smart LED strips. As a wholesaler of LED lighting, we always want to provide our customers with excellent service and the best LED products. At Hoftronic, we always have large stocks so that our customers always receive their products quickly. We also offer the best prices, professional advice and technical support. For more information, please contact us by calling +31853031151 or send an e-mail to [email protected].