Who is Hoftronic

Hoftronic is a lighting manufacturer that specialises in LED lights. The Dutch brand originated from a problem that the founders experienced with many LED products of other brands, a problem that was related to quality. A product that was supposed to have a long lifespan still broke within the shortest time, and small production errors caused malfunctions. The founders of Hoftronic saw this as a challenge: why don't we manufacture our own LED lighting in which we find a solution to these problems? It was with this attitude that the Hoftronic brand came into being.

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LED Lights

Hoftronic specialises in LED lighting of all types. From lighting for professional work environments, to lighting for the home. The categories in which the brand produces are therefore:

  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Work lights
  • LED Tubes Fluorescent
  • LED Luminaires
  • LED Fixtures
  • LED High Bays
  • LED Panels
  • LED Recessed Downlights
  • LED Porch Lights
  • LED Garden Lights

For each situation, application and environment, Hoftronic has the solution.


To ensure that Hoftronic's LED lighting is of higher quality than any other brand, the brand has researched the best techniques and components. For example, the Hoftronic LED floodlights are equipped with the well-known Osram chips, but also with a breathable membrane, which prevents infiltration of water, air and moisture into the device. The LED porch lights are equipped with Cree chips, the LED tubes and LED panels are flicker-free, and the high bays have up to 200 Lumen per watt. According to Hoftronic, there is always room for improvement in the world of LED lights. The brand is always on the lookout for the latest technology and thus remains innovative.

Other components from Hoftronic are from Samsung, Philips, and Meanwell.

EIA subsidy suitable

Hoftronic wants to make their products available to their customers in a conscious and sustainable way. Thus, a number of products are EIA subsidy suitable. An Energy Investment Allowance means that entrepreneurs and government institutions can receive a tax advantage when they invest in energy-efficient business assets, including the LED lighting from Hoftronic. This is only applicable for organizations in the Netherlands.


The mission of Hoftronic is: to produce high quality, innovative and energy efficient LED lighting, which is marketed at the most competitive price with the best service and high stock levels.


Hoftronic aims to be among the top 3 LED lighting manufacturers of choice for the professional European lighting wholesalers within 5 years.

Core values

In order to safeguard Hoftronic's mission and achieve its vision, Hoftronic has a number of core values on which we focus:

Quality - Quality is our number 1 priority. This is what distinguishes Hoftronic from other LED lighting manufacturers.

Reliability - Because of the high confidence in the quality of our products, we offer a 2 to 10 year warranty. 

Best price - At Hoftronic we believe that good quality does not have to have the highest price tag. Hoftronic produces high quality LED lights at a competitive price.

Customer satisfaction - Hoftronic originated with the challenge to find problem solutions for the end consumer. We always want to be able to promise them durability, energy efficiency and quality.

Advantages of Hoftronic

  • As a lighting wholesaler you are always assured of stock for your business and your customers
  • Always the sharpest price
  • Quality products with up to 10 years warranty
  • CE, EMC, RoHS, ENEC, TÜV and GS certificates