LED Floodlight with motion sensor

LED floodlights with motion detector for even more energy-efficient and high light output. These floodlights are supplied with a motion detector.

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LED Floodlight Umbra Motion
  • 11 - 100 Watt
  • 4000K or 6400K
  • 800 - 8.000 lumens
  • IP65
  • With motion sensor
  • 5 years warranty
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LED floodlights with motion sensor

LED floodlights with a motion sensor can provide extra safety, convenience and energy savings. The LED beams with motion sensors from Hoftronic are very energy-efficient and have a high light output.

Extra safety

A motion sensor on a LED floodlight can provide extra safety in an environment. Especially in an outdoor environment where it is very dark in the evening, the LED floodlight with motion sensor is an excellent solution. The motion sensor detects movement in the area, after which the LED floodlight switches on automatically. So nobody has to walk around in the dark. It also keeps burglars at bay. Ideal for office buildings, around houses or in outdoor areas where extra lighting is needed.

Motion sensors save energy

When a LED floodlight is installed on a motion sensor, extra energy can be saved. The LED floodlight only turns on when it is needed. This is when there is someone in the room or in the vicinity. When nobody is in the vicinity, the LED floodlight is automatically switched off.

LED floodlights from Hoftronic, the LED lighting wholesaler

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