LED Floodlights with twilight switch

LED floodlights with twilight switch for even more economical and high light output. These floodlights have a twilight switch that can be set on a LUX level and with a timer. So you have a lot of light at the right time.

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LED Floodlight Umbra Twilight
  • 10 tot 100 Watt
  • 4000K or 6400K
  • 800 - 8.000 lumens
  • IP65
  • With twilight switch
  • 5 years warranty
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Hoftronic LED floodlights with twilight switch

The LED floodlights with twilight switch from Hoftronic are an energy-efficient lighting solution for any environment. The twilight switch on the LED floodlights ensures that the LED floodlight produces the desired light output. When it gets darker in the area, the LED floodlights get brighter.

Twilight switch saves energy

A twilight switch can save a lot of energy and energy costs. The twilight switch on a LED floodlight ensures that the LED floodlight does not unnecessarily produce too much light. The twilight switch detects the light in the room or environment, and adjusts the light intensity of the LED floodlight accordingly.

Hoftronic LED floodlights

The LED floodlights with twilight switch are not the only LED floodlights available from Hoftronic. In our assortment, you will find a wide variety of different LED floodlights:

The LED lighting wholesaler: Hoftronic

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