Twilight switches

Twilight switches make your LED lighting even more efficient. With a twilight switch you can make sure that the lights only go on when it is necessary, in this case you can set the twilight switch so that the lights are switched on by movement or when a certain LUX value is reached. You can set the LUX value so that the lamps go on/off when it gets dark or light again.

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Twilight switch IP65
  • IP65
  • Twilight switch
  • Wall-mounted
  • <2-100 LUX adjustable
  • Max. 15A
Twilight switch IP54
  • IP54
  • Twilight switch
  • Wall-mounted
  • <3-500 LUX adjustable
  • Timer
  • Max. 10A
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The wholesaler of twilight switches

At Hoftronic, you will find all kinds of LED accessories with which you can expand your LED lighting. Think for example of sensors such as motion sensors, but also twilight switches. With twilight switches, one can ensure that their LED lighting automatically switches on and off when the light brightness in the room or environment reaches the set light level. This provides extra convenience, but also extra energy savings.

Hoftronic twilight switches

All Hoftronic twilight switches are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This is due to the minimum IP value of IP44, which means that the twilight switches are splashproof and can be safely placed in damp rooms. In addition, the range also includes twilight switches with an IP value of IP54 and IP65. The twilight switches can therefore be easily connected to the Hoftronic LED garden lights

Professional advice from Hoftronic

Not quite sure what to do? That is no problem. Feel free to contact us for additional advice or answers to your questions. Our LED specialists are always ready to help you. You can reach us by calling +31853031151 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].