Smart LED Solar light

With the Smart LED Solar Lamp, you can create a beautiful looking exterior to your home or property. You can adjust the colour of the lamps to suit any occasion and dim them wirelessly. This solar lamp is energy-efficient because it uses solar energy.

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Smart solar lamps

The smart solar lamps by Hoftronic are from the smart home brand Hoftronic Smart. All Hoftronic Smart devices can be operated via the Hoftronic Smart App on a smartphone or tablet. With the app, the light colours, light intensity and all kinds of other functions can be set. Smart lighting can provide extra convenience, safety and atmosphere.

Smart lights on solar energy

Smart solar lamps are smart lamps that operate on solar energy. The fixture stores sunlight as energy in the built-in battery of the lamp, and uses this energy to light the smart solar lamp. Solar lamps are a very energy-efficient and sustainable source of lighting. They are powered by green energy.

Settings smart solar lamp

The smart solar lamp is a smart light, and has all the functions of smart lighting. For example, the smart solar lamp can be directly operated with the app on a smartphone or tablet, but also voice-controlled via a smart assistant. In addition, the smart solar lamp can be set in 16 million RGB colours, or in colour temperatures from 2700K extra warm white light to 6500K daylight white.

But that's not all! The smart solar lamps can also be set up with timers and schedules so that they automatically switch on at the specified times and also switch off again automatically. Another very special function is GEO fencing. Maybe you know it, maybe not. With GEO fencing the app on the smartphone sends a signal to the smart lighting within a certain range. This can be set by the user. An example could be that the smart solar lights switch on when someone is within 500 meters of their home, and switch off when someone is outside this action radius.

Hoftronic: wholesale LED lighting

Hoftronic is a LED lighting wholesaler with a large selection of smart LED lighting. Are you looking for a wholesale supplier? Then you have come to the right place. Hoftronic always has large stocks, which allows us to quickly deliver our products to our customers. In addition, as a customer you will receive the best prices, innovative lighting, professional advice and technical support. Are you interested in becoming a customer? Please feel free to contact us by calling +31853031151 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.