LED Work lights

LED working lights with battery for even more economical and high light output. This work light is ideal for use because of its long battery life of 12 hours and the high light output of up to 20.000 lumens.

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Hoftronic: Wholesaler of LED work lights

Hoftronic's LED work lights are ideal for late night jobs, dark environments and emergency situations. The LED work lights are very energy efficient, have a high light output of high quality and are protected against extreme weather conditions.

Battery powered work lights

Hoftronic's LED work lights are portable work lights that run on batteries. This means that you can easily take them anywhere and use them directly, without connecting the LED construction light to the mains. The LED work lights have a battery life of up to 12 hours. If the LED construction light runs out of power, it can be easily recharged by connecting it to the mains.

High light output work lights

Hoftronic's LED work lights are available in various versions, varying in capacity. Take a look at the 30 Watt work light, the 50 Watt work light and the 100 Watt work light. The work lights are all equipped with built-in LEDs of very high quality. The work lights can be set in 4 positions:

  • 100% power
  • 60% power
  • 20% power
  • Emergency light

IP65 work lights

Hoftronic's LED construction lights are made of materials that contribute to a higher protection level of the LED construction lights. The LED work lights are protected against bad weather conditions thanks to the IP-value of IP65. This makes the LED work lights extremely suitable for outdoor environments. Ideal for construction sites, garden projects or in a dark basement.

Wholesale in work lights

Are you looking for a wholesaler of construction lamps and LED lighting? Then you've come to the right place at Hoftronic. Hoftronic offers a wide range of LED lighting of every kind, including LED construction lamps. As a customer of Hoftronic, you are always assured of fast delivery, large stocks, professional advice and technical support. Contact us today by calling +31853031151 or send an e-mail to [email protected].