The EcoDim dimmers provide silent dimming of the Hoftronic LED lighting. EcoDim dimmers come in all sorts of variants, with both phase cut dimmers and phase cut dimmers. EcoDim dimmers are easy to install, and are often supplied with a nice cover material, such as a push/turn button. In this way, a beautifully finished dimmer can be installed in every conceivable room.

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Smart EcoDim dimmers

EcoDim dimmers are a very popular product and a popular choice when it comes to dimming LED lighting. Ecodim is an innovative brand and has now introduced a range of smart dimmers to the market, which are also available at Hoftronic. These work according to the Zigbee protocol.

Quality and affordable

Of course, we at Hoftronic only want to offer the best products, both in quality and affordability. The EcoDim dimmers are fully in line with this. With EcoDim, one can equip a home, office building or any other professional space with good LED dimmers, at a competitive price.